Hello Development!

Who Am I?

My name is Kenan Fakheredeen (aka LordCover), a software developer with 7 years of experience in Microsoft technologies, I created this blog to share my knowledge with my tech-savvy mates around the world.

I’m trying to step up on the ladders of these technologies/frameworks:

  • Design Patterns (mainly Repository).
  • Test-Driven Development/Mocking/Dependency Injection.
  • The evil Javascript, jQuery, Function Closures.
  • N-Tier Architecture and Loosely Coupled Layers.
  • Modular Application Design (ERP Systems).
  • Generics/LINQ/Lambda Expressions.
  • ORMs (LINQ-to-SQL, Entity-Framework).

I’m from Syria, resident in UAE, Dubai and trying my best to save the world with the software I develop.

What will this blog contain?

  • Solutions to some subtle technical/programming problems.
  • Briefs about the projects I am working on.

I welcome each and every comment about any improvement to the blog or any flaws within my (buggy?) code.

P.S: You may follow this blog (at your own risk!)


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